DR Rare Phosphor Bronze Hex Core Set Review

DR Handmade Strings is a family owned company that manufactures and distributes high quality guitar strings and bass strings. They’ve been around since 1989. Founded by Mark Dronge, the son of Guild Guitars founder Alfred Dronge, DR make a variety of quality handcrafted guitar strings, bass strings, and acoustic guitar strings. These include the DR Rare phosphor bronze hex core set.

What are 9 42 guitar strings?

DR Handmade Strings was also the first to use stainless steel for Handmade guitar strings. These are much more durable than nickel guitar strings.

DR Handmade Strings is a great example of a company that focuses on producing a quality product that’s affordable and readily available. They also have a few novelty items, such as guitar strings bracelets that were made from the strings Matt used in his many years playing the guitar.

The DR Rare phosphor bronze hexcore set is one of the most popular acoustic sets on the market. It has a bright, sparkling tone.

DR Handmade Strings has a reputation for making some of the best handmade guitar strings around. They offer a variety of guitar strings, bass strings, and acoustic and electric guitar strings. They’re made in Westwood, NJ, and DR dealers sell DR Strings at music stores all over the country.

The DR Handmade Strings website also provides an explanation of their process, which is a simple step-by-step guide to manufacturing their strings. The company is family owned, which is a plus when it comes to customer service.